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As we strive to make ecommerce better for all Edey stakeholders,   we collect and use information about you, our vendors, customers, partners, visitors, callers and requests for support.

This Edey Privacy Policy articulates how we acquire, utilize and share your personal information. Any significant changes to this policy would be communicated to you by email.

How we value your information

We understand the trust given to us and strive to always act with integrity regarding your information. Our core values of trust and integrity guide all our products, services and processed. These values should enable to understand the importance we place on the care for your information and privacy.

·                     Edey does not assume ownership of your information.

-       Edey limits itself to the information necessary to provide you with good service and uses it only for your benefit

-       Information that is no longer needed is deleted

-       We are always mindful of your privacy.

·                     Edey keeps your information from others

-       We decline all requests by third party for your information unless we receive permission from you or we are required by law to share that information, in which case we will inform you in advance.

·                     Edey helps stakeholders maintain privacy

-       Edey’s commitment is extended to stakeholders especially where they do not have dedicated professions to privacy management.

-       Our systems, products and services are designed to make privacy enforcement easy.


Information processing is important

Your information is typically processed to;

-       Meet the requirements of a service or product you have signed up to

-       For legitimate interests including but not limited to; reporting and analysis, marketing and advertising, service improvement, to avoid fraud, enquiries, etc. In doing this, Edey remains mindful of your privacy

Where artificial decision making is deployed, Edey maintains integrity of the use of ypur information by including points for human interface and limit the unwanted effects in privacy.

Privacy rights

You retain the rights to your information, which allows you to access, control, delete, amend, and use as you deem fit. There would be no costs to undertake any of these tasks.

Where information on a vendor, merchant or stakeholder is required, you may request for that information directly from the party involved. As may be required, we will support any stakeholder within our system to provide such information and requests.

To access your personal information, you would need to confirm your identity by formal identification and may request a confirmatory email from the email address on file which should include all details necessary.

Sending your information outside Nigeria

Your information would as much as possible be retained in Nigeria and under the data protection laws of Nigeria. However sending your information outside Nigeria is necessary, we will take steps to ensure that your information remains protected and in countries where data protection laws are strong.

How we protect your information

Edey strives to protect your information and ensure the security of our platform with professional dedicated to the task.. However we cannot absolutely guarantee security of data transmitted over internet, integrity of storage systems and electronics.

Use of cookies and tracking technologies

Edey uses cookies and some tracking technologies towards providing our service and on our website, a list of which is available on our cookies policy.

Contacting us

For requests, complaints, information or clarification, you may reach us at Edey.ng or at any of the addresses below;


Edey Nigeria Marketplace Limited

ATTN: Head of Legal

Games Village, Kaura District

Abuja, FCT. Nigeria